Satellite Manufacturers

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Aboa Space Research Oy
designs and manufactures instruments and software for space environment measurements

Actel Corporation
field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) based on antifuse and flash technologies and embedded programmable gate arrays (EPGAs) based on SRAM technology, as well as high-performance intellectual property (IP) cores, software development tools and design services

Active Space Technologies (Actividades Aeroespaciais SA)
spacecraft instrumentation and optoelectronics; thermal analysis of instruments, satellites and launchers

Advanced Electronic Systems (ADELSY)
Attitude and Orbit Control test equipment; On-Board Data Handling (OBDH) test and simulation equipment

high precision and instrument ball bearings for space applications including: actuators, rotary joints, RF switches, telescope mechanisms, antenna deployment and pointing, momentum and reaction wheels, geo sensors and mission specific instruments

Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS)
optical ground support equipment for spacecraft integration and testing, high vacuum chambers for space simulation

Advanced Products
metal and polymer seals for extreme environments

Advanced Technical Products
light weight pressure vessels for rocket motors, propellant and pressure tanks

Advanced Technology Institute
spacecraft systems, solar array, propulsion systems, thermal control systems, communication and antenna systems; also provides launch services

Advanced Visual Systems

AEA Technology Space
radiometric calibration sources, lithium-ion batteries, battery cell bypass devices, helical antennas, space compatible lubricants, space bearings and gears, mechanisms

AEC-Able Engineering
deployable structures and special purpose mechanisms for space applications including deployable masts, solar arrays, single axis actuators, rotary structures

hi-rel thick film fuses for use in satellites

development of small, low cost spacecraft, launch vehicles and components

Aeroflex Laboratories
motion products for satellites and spacecraft including actuators, gimbaled systems, point and track, stabilised platforms, brushless DC and stepping motors, gearheads, brakes, clutches, hybridised and discrete drive amplifiers, DSP based motion controllers and optical scanners

Aerojet Corporation
solid rocket motors, liquid rocket propulsion systems and engines; spaceborne electro-optical, microwave and millimetre wave sensors

Aerospace Scientific
industrial grade artificial intelligence software for remote sensing, robotic exploration, autonomous spacecraft, automatic email handling systems, data mining and processing, spacecraft landing systems and telecommunications

mechanical structures; scientific payloads; mechanisms; composite structures

Air Precision
manufactures high performances sliprings for the space, aviation, military and industrial markets

Alcatel Denmark Space
spacecraft DC/DC converters, power conditioners, power distribution units

Alcatel Espacio
TTC and data transmission equipment and subsystems, passive microwave equipment, digital processing units

Alcatel ETCA
power conditioning equipment for launch vehicles and spacecraft

Alcatel Space
telecommunications, earth observation and meteorological satellites

Alcatel Space Norway
analogue signal processing equipment based on SAW technology

Alcatel Space Switzerland

Alenia Aerospazio

Alenia Spazio
telecommunications and scientific satellites as well as pressurised modules for the International Space Station

AlliedSignal Aerospace
avionics for spacecraft and manned space vehicles (internal thermal control systems, fire detection systems, carbon dioxide removal systems, berthing mechanisms); spacecraft attitude control systems (star sensors, control momentum gyros, reaction wheels, momentum wheels, gyro based attitude reference systems)

Alpha Industries
space qualified semiconductors including: schottky, varactor, PIN, mis capacitors, half micron MMIC switches, attenuators, hybrid control components

American Aerospace Controls
current sensing transducers

AME Space
space qualified electronics utilising thin film hybrid ICs and SAW devices

Amphenol Aerospace
high performance connectors

hybrid preamplifiers and front end electronics for space instrumentation; thermoelectrically cooled X-ray and gamma-ray detectors; plasma analysers; custom high voltage supplies

AMS Technologies
distributor of space qualified components including: mulitlayer ceramic capacitors, microfuses, solid body fuses, high voltage power supplies

adhesives and sealants for use in space related applications; producers of HTPB resins used in solid propellant

Analog Devices
space qualified precision high performance linear, mixed signal and digital inegrated circuits

Anaren Microwave Inc

Antenna Development Corporation
design, development and manufacture of space qualified low gain antennas

Antwerp Space
satellite ground stations for data reception from earth observation satellites and for telemetry/telecontrol of spacecraft, and test systems used for the integration of satellites

APCO Technologies
Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE); structural components

Applied Aerospace Structures
structural components made with composite and metallic bonded materials including: solar array substrates, antenna reflectors, satellite bus/payload structures

Applied Composite Solutions (ACS)
composite contouring and machining (honeycomb, foam and prepreg); composite cleaning services

Arc Second Inc
laser position measurement systems used for docking, telerobotics, astronaut and vehicle tracking

Arrow Gear Company
high precision gears, specialising in spiral bevel, straight bevel, spur and helical gears


Astrium GmbH - Space Infrastructure Division
Rocket engines, satellite thrusters, ion propulsion, propellant tanks, valves, propulsion systems, engine testing

Astro Aerospace Corporation
space deployables and structures including: deployable truss booms, tubular deployable members, concentrated solar arrays, unfurlable mesh reflectors

Astrolab Inc
space qualified adaptors, cables and cable assemblies, phase shifters, connectors

AstroTerra Corporation
satellite laser communications

Atlantic Research Corporation
bipropellant, monopropellant, electric and peroxide thrusters; propellant tanks; complete propulsion systems

Atmel Wireless & Microcontrollers
space qualified ICs

Austrian Aerospace
digital signal processing electronics, mechanisms and multilayer insulation for spacecraft as well as electrical and mechanical ground support equipment

Auxitrol Aerospace Equipment
temperature, pressure, mass flow, level and other sensors

Avasarala Technologies
manufacturer of heat pipes

Avibank Mfg Inc
quick release fasteners and latching systems

custom batteries and battery chargers

Axon Cable Inc
data bus harnesses for on-board satellite, launcher and space station applications

Aydin Telemetry
distributed data acquisition systems, telemetry systems and data links for aircraft, missiles, unmanned vehicles and space vehicles

AZ Technology
satellite and spacecraft paints/coatings with tailored thermal control and conductive properties; laboratory portable instruments for measuring optical properties; measurement and testing services on coatings including within a vacuum chamber; related engineering and IT services


Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp
spacecraft, sensors, cryogenic subsystems, communication and antenna systems

BEI Precision Systems and Space
optical encoders, encoder motors and servo systems

Betatronix Inc
potentiometers for space and launch vehicle applications

BF Goodrich Aerospace and BF Goodrich Aerospace
digital telemetry and command systems; power systems; sequencers; timers; digital memory devices; radiation effects analysis; thermal and power management; data acquisition systems; attitude control systems

Billingsley Aerospace and Defense
fluxgate magnetometers for spacecraft attitude control

BKC Semiconductor Inc
switching diodes, zeners, rectifiers, custom wafers and dies

Bliley Technologies
engineering and manufacturer of quartz crystal oscillators for space, military, and commercial applications; OCXO, TCXO, VCXO, and precision frequency control products

Boeing Satellite Systems

Boeing Space and Communications
manned and unmanned space vehicles and supporting hardware; prime contractor for the US modules of the International Space Station; space surveillance

Bradford Engineering
development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art satellite propulsion and thermal control systems

Bristol Aerospace

British Aerospace

very high precision machining of components for spacecraft and launchers including cryogenic valves, wave guides, casing mixers, QW oscillators



coatings for aerospace applications

Canopus Systems Inc
sensor based, space qualified instrumentation systems including miniature accelerometers and microaccelerometers systems for on-orbit microgravity characterisation, aerodynamic and upper atmosphere research and in-space propulsion diagnostics

Carleton Technologies Inc
high pressure stored gas systems; pneumatic life support components for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station

Carlo Gavazzi Space
ISS utilisation, instrumentation and processors for scientific and application payloads, instruments for microgravity experiments, small satellites, attitude control and modelling, mission analysis, on-board automation

Carpenter Technology Corporation
space qualified mechanical components

CASA - Construcciones Aeronauticas
now EADS CASA Espacio

Cedrat Technologies
mechanisms for space applications; piezoelectric actuators

Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM)
systems engineeering and design, mechanical engineering, wavefront engineering, micro-imagers, robotic systems, optical systems for high accuracy pointing, smart structures for artificial damping of vibrations, micro/nano technologies for small satellites

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
guidance, navigation and control systems; sensor, actuator and data management systems; advanced inertial systems; attitude control; energy storage; fibre optic gyros

Cincinnati Electronics Corporation
TT&C transponders; command receivers; real time IR cameras; radiometers; IR detector and focal plane arrays; hybrid microcircuits


Clyde Space
off-the-shelf and bespoke subsystem solutions for small satellites: spacecraft power systems, small satellite battery systems, digital and analogue systems, and R&D and consultancy services

Cobham Microwave
designs, develops and manufactures special to purpose space qualified waveguide sub-systems and individual components from UHF to millimetric frequencies

Coherent Tutcore
production of compound semiconductor materials, optoelectronic devices and laser systems


COM DEV Europe
passive microwave devices, ferrite devices, active microwave devices, analogue and digital electronics

software for the analysis and design of composite laminates and laminated structural elements

Composite Optics Inc
spacecraft structures including: solar array substrates, tubes

Composite Technology Development
adhesives, insulation, coatings and resins for composites for cryogenic, high temperature and other harsh environments

Cordant Technologies
was Thiokol

CPU Tech
radiation hardened, space qualified CPU chips

develops and manufactures semiconductor materials and devices based on silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN) and related compounds

CRISA - Computadores Redes e Ingenieria
spacecraft on board computers, control units, power conditioning and distribution

CTA Commercial Services

Czech Space Research Centre
design, development and testing of flight HW and SW


Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA) and Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA)

on-board software

Datum Frequency & Time Systems Inc
space qualified frequency and time standards

now called QinetiQ

Design Bureau for Chemical Transport Engineering
equipment for fueling of rockets and spacecraft with hypergolic propellants and high pressure gases

Detection Technology
high performance silicon photodiodes, radiation detectors and related electronics, and detector modules

structural components, propulsion components, fluid controls

Digital-Logic AG (INC)
Intel-based industrial embedded computers and modules as well as customized embedded computers and computer systems

Discovery Semiconductors Inc
semiconductor products which unite electronics and photonics

Dow-Key Microwave
coaxial and microwave electromechanical switches

Dowty Aerospace
propulsion subsystems

Dräger Aerospace
oxygen systems, gas sensors

DRS Technologies Inc

Dutch Space
solar arrays; robotics; structures; simulators, thermal control systems


CFRP structures, robotics, communications and radiometry antennas, phased array antennas, harnesses for spacecraft

Eagle-Picher Technologies
Ni-H2 cells for spacecraft; spacecraft power subsystems; solar array components; power conditioning electronics

Eastman Kodak Company, Commercial and Government Systems
spaceborne integrated imaging systems (optical, infra red, X-ray), CCD imaging sensors, large spaceborne optical mirrors and assemblies, photographic film for space use, spaceborne automatic film processing laboratories, specialised cameras for use in vacuum and in manned missions

Eaton Corporation and Eaton Corporation
pressure regulators; relief valves; check valves; cryogenic valves and disconects; latching valves; solenoid valves; torque motor valves, thruster valves

EDO Corporation
horizon crossing indicators; static earth sensors; sun sensors

Electron Tubes
photomultipliers and light detectors

Elgar Electronics Corporation
now Programmable Division, Xantrex Technology Inc

manufacturer of space qualified RF pcbs

Elmwood Sensors Inc
thermostats and heaters

Emcore Corporation
solar cells

EMS Technologies
ferrite control components and subsystems; pin diode and MMIC switch matrices; phased arrays; beam forming networks; multiple beam antennas; solid state power amplifiers; space based power converters; power distribution equipment; Ka band components

Energia and Energia
manned spacecraft

Engineered Magnetics IncEngineered Magnetics Inc
power systems

Entech Inc
Fresnel lens optical concentrators for spacecraft solar arrays

Environics Oy
instruments for scientific spacecraft

ERA Technology
antenna subsystems

electronic equipment for spacecraft including power conversion, measurement electronics, low noise amplifiers, management and control electronics, video tape recorders, eloctronics for medical measurements

Erzia Technologies SL
Hi-Rel RF and microwave sub-systems and electronics

Essex Corporation

Etchform Precision Etching & Electroforming
spacers, grids, spring contacts, connector devices, solar cell contacts, filters, laminated flexible circuits, 2-D precision metal parts

Eurospace Technische Entwicklungen


Filtran Microcircuits

Final Analysis
design and manufacture of Lightsats


holographic optical elements for laser communications

Fokker Elmo
wiring harnesses, magnetic torque rods, printed circuit boards, multi layer insulation

Fokker Space
now called Dutch Space

Fokker Special Products
structural components


Frunze Arsenal Design Bureau


GE Astro Space

General Dynamics Information Systems

GEOKhl RAN - Vernadskiy Institute for Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences
development of instruments for planetary probes

GNTs TsNII RTK - Central Scientific Research and Experimental Engineering Institute for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics
space robotics; spacecraft attitude control systems; spacecraft power regulation systems for long life, low orbiting satellites

Goodrich ISR
attitude determination and control systems, electro optical payloads, advanced optics, electronic systems, and sensor systems


Hamilton Standard Space Systems International
environmental control, thermal control and life support systems; heat exchangers; low noise fans and pumps; catalysts; sorbents

Hammers Co
spacecraft on-board attitude determination and control software; command and data handling flight software

large, unfurlable mesh spacecraft antennas; data processing; phased arrays; spaceborne switching

Harris Semiconductor
radiation hardened integrated circuits

Heptagon Oy
advanced diffractive and refractive micro-optical components including: microlens arrays, diffraction gratings and waveguide polarisers

Hightec MC
resistor networks, hybrids, sensors

Hi-Shear Technology Corporation
pyrotechnic devices

Honeybee Robotics
space automation and robotics hardware

Honeywell Inc
guidance, navigation and control systems for launch vehicles and spacecraft; data handling management and processing systems; space instrumentation and sensors; on board data processors; display systems; flight and engine controls for manned space flight; satellite mechanisms; precision inertial instruments; radiation hardened memories; re-entry vehicles; reaction wheel assemblies; antenna pointing systems

antennas; robotics; structures and mechanisms; EVA operable interfaces; mechanical ground support equipment; scientific experimental modules; scientific instruments; composite struts and tubes


Hughes Space and Communications International
communication satellites; scientific probes and instruments for space exploration



ILC Dover Inc
space suits; flexible, inflatable composite space structures including solar and radar arrays, booms, trusses and antennas; airbags for the soft landing of planetary probes; TransHab inflatable space habitation module

Image Systems Corporation
ruggedized AMLCD flat panel monitor for the International Space Station

infra red sensors and arrays; detector arrays

Imes Group
satellite fuelling solutions - satellite fuelling mass measurement and C of G systems

Instrumentation Technology Associates
hardware and flight opportunities for biomedical microgravity research in the areas of protein crystal growth, microencapsulation of drugs and collagen research

Integrated Space Systems Inc

Intek Inc
precision flow instruments

International Fuel Cells Inc
fuel cell power systems

International Space Enterprises
planetary landers; power systems; lunar based telescopes; teleoperated planetary rovers

The International Space Propulsion Group of Companies
provider of comprehensive suite of space propulsion services to industry, including engineering consultancy, production and test support, chemical propellant provision and launch support services, procurement support, legal and safety advisory support and training

Interpoint Corporation
miniature hybrid DC to DC power conversion modules; miniature EMI filters

Interpoint UK
miniature hybrid DC to DC power conversion modules; miniature EMI filters

Intersil Corporation
manufacturer of space qualified integrated circuits and discrete semiconductors

Inventia Kinetics
satellite structure manufacturer

IOT Systems
in-orbit test (IOT) systems and services, payload R&D, systems simulation, payload simulators, satellite and earth station integration and test

Ithaco Inc
Earth horizon sensors; electromagnetic torquers; reaction and momentum wheels; magnetometers; sun sensors

ITT Aerospace and ITT Aerospace
Navstar-GPS, imaging systems for meteorlogical and earth resources satellites

Izhevskiy Radiozavod (IRZ)
design and manufacture of electronic equipment & systems for spacecraft platforms and payloads, telemetry and navigation systems for launchers and upper stages, radio equipment for space docking systems and equipment for ground stations

IZMIRAN - Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propogation of the Russian Academy of Sciences
development and manufacture of instrumentation for scientific satellites investigating near earth space


space qualified coax switches

Jena-Optronik and Jena-Optronik
active and passive optical sensor systems and instruments; orbit and attitude measurement sensors (sun sensors, star sensors, pattern recognition sensors, rendez vous and docking sensors)


K&Y Co
China based hydrazine propellant provider

Kaiser Marquardt
propulsion subsystems

scientific instruments, high precision thermostats, tether systems, recovery subsystems, micro and minisatellites, satellite dummies for launcher qualification flights

Kompozit Research and Production Association
development of materials for launch vehicles, manned and unmanned spacecraft

Kongsberg Gruppen
critical space structures and mechanisms, special check out equipment, simulators, space qualified electro-optical subsystems


L-3 Communications
magnetic tape and solid state recorders

La Barge Inc

L'Garde Inc
inflatable structures including solar arrays and antenna reflectors

Linde Gas
supplier of helium and other speciality gases


Litton Solid State
Space qualified semiconductors and components

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Astronautics and Lockheed Martin Astronautics
planetary spacecraft

Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems
designs and builds geostationary and non-geostationary communications and remote sensing satellites

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Division and Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Division
communications and earth observation satellites; small and LEO satellite buses; rotary joints; solar arrays


Loral Space and Communications
manufacture and operation of GEO nad LEO communications satellites

Lucix Corporation
manufacturer of flight hardware including LNAs, local oscillators, frequency converters, frequency synthesisers, power monitors and dielectric oscillators


MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA)
small satellite missions offering turn-key systems for earth observation, surveillance of space, information delivery and space science; leading supplier of commercial satellite payloads, systems and subsystems including antennas, digital, microwave and power equipment for communications and remote sensing satellites

Machine Tek Corporation
honeycomb core profiling/machining

Macintyre Electronic Design Association
fluxgate magnetometers for spacecraft attitude determination and control as well as for scientific research

Malin Space Science Systems
cameras for space missions

Marion Composites
composite structural parts including: solar array panels

Marshall Aerospace

Matra Marconi Space
communications, earth observation and scientific satellites; structures and mechanisms; attitude and orbit control systems; robotics; optical communications; propulsion systems; sterling cycle cryogenic coolers; on board data handling; antennas; optics; sensors; power systems; microwave and millimetre wave components; hardened ASICs; radiometers

high performance electro-mechanical components including: slipring brush assemblies for signal and power transmission, micro torque sensors, micro pumps, micro switches, space bioreactors, robotics, pointing positioning and tracking mechanisms

satellite magnetometers for use in attitude control systems

Mega_F Motion Systems
develops and markets software intensive programmable DSP based motion control products

ultra-precision flexible coaxial cables for testing satellite systems; space qualified coaxial cable assemblies and adapters for satellite systems

microsatellite subsystems; high efficiency solar arrays; power subsystems; mechanical devices; actuators; antennas for microsatellites

Merrimac Industries
design and manufacture of Multi-Mix PICO RF Microwave components, assemblies and micro-multifunction modules (MMFM)

Metorex International
solid state detectors; proportional counters; bolometers; read out electronics; x-ray windows and filters

Metrum Datatape
instrumentation recorders and high performace storage devices for spacecraft

Micromega Dynamics
active vibration control, high-precision guiding mechanism for optical delay lines


MicroSat Systems

Microsemi Corp
space and mil spec semiconductor components

manufacturer of waveguide for the aerospace, space, satellite, maritime, and telecom markets

Mier Comunicaciones
space qualified SSPAs, receivers, LNAs, downconverters, oscillators, OBP equipment, T/R for active antennas, PCB's and Microwave hybrid modules from VHF to Ka/Ku band; custom MMIC/MHIC design.

millimetre wave amplifiers, isolators, mixers, antennas, multipliers, switches, subsystems and complete systems

designs, manufactures, and markets Thermofoil™ heaters, flex circuits, sensors, instruments and integrated components for defense, aerospace and other critical applications

MIPS Technologies, Inc

MOKB Mars - Mars Moscow Experimental Design Bureau
development of navigation and guidance systems for spacecraft


Motorola Satellite Communications Group
developer and manufacturer of space and ground communications equipment and systems; prime contractor for the Iridium system

Motorola Space Systems and Services Division
space qualified communications equipment and payload subsystems

MS Composites
manufacturer of composite structures including antenna supports, struts with titanium end fittings and booms



NII KhIMMASH - Scientific Research Institute for Chemical Engineering
thermal vacuum testing of spacecraft

NITs IPR - Scientific Research Centre for Studying Natural Resources
sensors for remote sensing satellites

NPOA - Research and Production Association for Control Instruments
spacecraft attitude control, spacecraft control systems

NPO Lavochkin - Lavochkin Research and Production Association
interplanetary probes, scientific satellites, communications satellites and earth resources satellites

NPP VNIIEM - Yosifyan Pan-Russian Scientific Research Institute and Factory of Electromechanical Systems
satellites for remote sensing and earth resources


Oerlikon Space
payload fairings for Ariane 5 and Vega launchers; ultra-lightweight, high-stability structures, precision mechanisms, and innovative products such as laser terminals for optical communication between satellites

microgravity systems and experiment facilities; subsystems and components for manned and unmanned space systems; re-entry, aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics; small satellites for science, telecommunications and earth observation; sensors for environment observation; on board data handling and processing systems; on board software; power conditioning and distribution electronics; spacecraft harnesses

Opteon Oy
computer controlled polishing of aspheric optics; polishing of lightweight silicon carbide mirrors; wavefront sensor systems for active optics; optical testing facilities

One Stop Satellite Solutions

Orbital Optics
design and manufacture of low cost, high resolution optical imagers for space

Orbital Sciences


Patria Finavitec
power distribution units, thermal control power electronics, computers, interfacing and processing electronics for payloads, measurement instruments; lightweight composite structures

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp
designs, manufactures, and markets high-speed communications integrated circuits for the broadband fiber, wireless and satellite communications markets

Polymer Systems Technology
atomic oxygen coatings; dampening fluids; debris retention coatings; electrically conductive silicone; encapsulants; fsat cure RTV adhesives; foams; grease; gels for potting; low density adhesives; optically clear silicone; pressure sensitive adhesives; thermally conductive silicone; thixotropic sealants; thixotropic adhesives

Precision Devices
manufacturer of space grade TCXOs, VCXOs and clock oscillators

Pressure Systems Inc
pressurant and propellant tanks for spacecraft and launch vehicles

Primex Technologies
propulsion subsystems

printed circuit boards

Programmable Division, Xantrex Technology Inc
manufacturer of satellite power simulation equipment - solar array simulators, battery string simulators, payload power simulators, and thermal vacuum heater power and control systems

Programmed Composites
structures, tubes, struts, heat pipe honeycomb panels, solar array substrates

compact, low weight, tailor made equipment housings and components for satellites and launchers; experimental modules for manned and unmanned flights; payloads and major structural componenet for sounding rockets


design and manufacture of small satellites; ion thrusters

QinetiQ Space
provider of small satellites, scientific instruments, facilities for microgravity research, on-board/payload computers, docking mechanisms and ground operations


Quorum Communications
satellite remote sensing systems and electronics


cryogenic systems for manned spacecraft, satellite communications

S band transponder, VHF and UHF tranceiver, digital transceiver

optics for observation, science and attitude control

Rhombic Corporation
prototype radionuclide battery for space applications

Rocketstar Robotics
design and manufacture of spacecraft motors, gearboxes, actuators and mechanisms for spaceflight applications

Russian Research Institute for Space Instrument Engineering



Saab Ericsson Space
robust fault tolerant computers; modular data systems; flight software; radiation hardened microprocessor; microwave electronics (receivers, frequency converters, modulators, frequency generators); antennas (high precision reflector antennas, array elements, omnidirectional antennas, SAR antennas)

inertial measurement units; stepper motors, resolvers; infrared detectors, infrared optronic subsystems; hybrid microcircuits; thermal flex lines; space optics (light weight mirrors, telescopes, precision lens assemblies, components, coatings); optical ground support equipment


Sandia National Laboratories

Satellite Services
EGSE, OBDH systems, satellite simulation, solar array verification

Sawtech Inc
SAW based oscillators and subsystems

Scientific Imaging Technologies (SITe)
research, design, development, and manufacture of silicon charge-coupled devices (CCDs)

Scientific Research Institute for Chemical Engineering
ground testing and quality assurance of spacecraft and rocket propulsion systems

Selmic Oy

Sensitron Semiconductor
manufacturer of high and low voltage rectifiers, TVS, Schottky components, power modules and power multi-chip hybrid circuits

Sierra Microwave Technology
manufacture of space qualified passive microwave components; extensive in-house simulation and test capabilities

CCD based star trackers and pointing systems; optical remote sensing instruments; optical systems; data handling electronics

Skobeltsyn NIIYaF MGU - Skobeltsyn Scientific Research Institute for Nuclear Physics
development and manufacture of instruments for scientific satellites

infrared detectors

Solar MEMS Technologies S.L.
fine and coarse sun sensors for attitude control system

Sonaca (Societe Nationale de Construction Aerospatiale)
structures and structural components

Space Applications Servicesand Space Applications Services

design, manufacture, marketing and operation of sophisticated micro and nano satellites, hybrid rocket-based orbital Maneuvering and orbital Transfer Vehicles (MTVs) as well as safe sub-orbital and orbital hybrid rocket-based propulsion systems; commercial hybrid rocket motors and small high performance space vehicles and subsystems

Space Innovations Ltd (SIL)
design and manufacture of satellite subsystems and small satellites with payloads in the range 50 to 300 kg

components for micro and nano satellites

Space Software Italia

Space Systems Finland
on board software for satellites, mission analysis, payload integration, small satellite systems engineering

Space Systems/Loral



manufacturer of space qualified solar cells and panels

Spectrum Astro and Spectrum Astro
small spacecraft buses, space electronics and power management systems, electrical ground support and ground control equipment



Stellex Microwave Systems Inc
solid state amplifier and mixer components

Stork Product Engineering
ignition systems and thrusters, mechanisms and structures, power management systems, environmental control and life support

Stork Veco
high tech metal precision parts with very high tolerances, including battery plates for space power supplies and evaporation masks for solar cells

SunSpace and Information Systems
high performance micro-satellites and imagers

Surrey Satellite Technology
manufacturer of mini and microsatellites

Swales Aerospace

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)
system integrator and supplier of small and micro-satellites; develops attitude orbit & control systems, onboard data handling units, software, propulsion systems and ground systems for testing and mission control; extensive operational experience

Swiss Space Technology
design of space bound microprocessor systems and radiation hardened FPGA technology; electronics system design for space and scientific space mission analysis

manufacturer of TTC transceivers, high data rate transmitters and GNSS receivers for low earth orbit satellites


manufacturer of space qualified solar cells

Tekdata Interconnections
electrical cables, harnesses and assemblies: design, model, build, test - including superconductive, cryogenic, esoteric materials and high vacuum feed-throughs

ball bearing monentum and reaction wheels; low noise magnetic bearing stabilisation wheels; solar array drive assemblies; pointing mechanisms

Teledyne Brown

Teledyne Coax
space-qualified discrete coaxial switches and switch matrices

electrical power management systems; attitude control electronics; small satellites; star trackers; magnetometers; on board software; satellite structures

Tesat-Spacecom GmbH
payload equipment for communications satellites

Thales Optics
optical components

Thales Space Technology
solar cell coverglasses, secondary surface mirrors

The Waveguide Solution Limited
manufacture of precision waveguide systems

Thiokol Propulsion

Thales Electron Devices
TWTAs for communications satellites, earth resources satellites and scientific probes

Timken Aerospace & Super Precision Bearings
super precision miniature, instrument and thin section ball bearings and bearing based mechanical assemblies

TNO Space
attitude sensors; precision engineering and space mechanisms; manned space and human factors (biomedical instrumentation, man-machine interfaces)

Toikka Oy
development and manufacturing of microwave systems and radiometers

first commercial lunar mission; transportation, launch preparation, US export licensing

Transpace Technologies
spacecraft electronics design, PCB schematic design, reliability analysis, spacecraft electronics sub-systems assembling and testing

Tricon Veredlungs
thermal insulation plastic film, gas barrier plastic films, custom made coated films

TRM Microwave
specializes in the design and manufacture of custom passive RF and microwave components and Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMA's) serving a broad range of national security space programs



Tumo Oy
precision machined parts; non destructive testing of electrochemical and chemical coatings


UTMC Microelectronic Systems
radiation hardened memories, microcontrollers, logic and programmable logic devices, serial interfaces and gate arrays for space use



Vexcel Corporation
supplier of remote sensing data processing systems, particularly synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

vibration transducers for microgravity experiments; general purpose displacement measuring systems; vibration and high resolution displacement measuring systems for space mechanisms

Victory Industrial Corporation
space qualified antenna hardware

Vishay Israel
space qualified precision electronic components


Wilbrecht Electronics
manufacturer of Elecpac glass-metal hermetic seals and NASA/QPL qualified metal foil resistors



Xantrex Technology Inc, Programmable Division
manufacturer of satellite power simulation equipment - solar array simulators, battery string simulators, payload power simulators, and thermal vacuum heater power and control systems


Ylinen Electronics