Satellite Service Providers

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2 SAT Europe
provider of SNG trucks for news, sports and other events in Europe

2TV Satellite Communications
providing Ka-band uplinks over Eutelsat KA-SAT for broadcasting and IP streaming industry, using DSNG vans located in Croatia

3C Távközlési
Hungary based provider of VSAT services

3rd Planet Connections
service provider and distributor/reseller for mobile satellite communications services including Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya

5 TV
SNG service provider in the Ukraine

213 Studios
video production facility; coordination of content delivery both domestically and internationally via satellite and terrestrial fibre


A+NET Internet Services
sells a Tachyon uplink on a monthly basis to customers looking for a temporary, high-speed connection for trade shows or conventions; based in San Diego

abc Newsfeed Scandinavia
independent Swedish television news and video production company providing mobile uplinks from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden

ABT AMC Business TV

broadband internet access, data and voice communication services across West Africa

ACeS Philippines Cellular Satellite Corporation (APCSC)

ACeS Regional Service Co

ACTA Medya
SNG services in Turkey, the Middle East, Asia and Europe

Actua Films
Swiss broadcast services company providing uplinks from Switzerland

Adisam Telecom

ADS Aerospace
worldwide satcom tracking and data solutions for helicopters and special mission aircraft

Advanced Internet Center (AIC)
broadband Internet access in the Middle East

Advanced Remote Communication Solutions (ARCOMS)

Advanced Research Corporation

Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc
mobile asset tracking using GPS

SNG services in southern Europe and north Africa

global provider of live airline inflight entertainment

Airtouch Communications
Globalstar service provider for Canada, Caribbean, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, USA

A.I. Smart Systems, S.A.
satellite transmission services, play out and uplinking for international news broadcasters, live shots, sports, entertainment as well as corporate events using C band space segment over NSS-806

Alden Electronics
provides weather data and information services by satellite to clients in North America

Alhajjan For Internet & Advanced Networking Solutions
one and two way Internet services from the Lebanon

Alhareer Media City
teleport services to broadcasters in Kuwait

Alkan Communication

All Computers
reseller of satellite Internet access services

All Thuraya Refills @ RefillThuraya allows you to top-up your Thuraya Prepaid Account on-line with an easy and fast procedure, no matter where you initially purchased your SIM card

Al-Noor Company For Communications and Internet Services
supplier of Internet services in Iraq

Aloha Networks
SkyDSL network for high-speed two-way Internet, including interactive TV, data broadcasting, data collection, VoIP, Video broadcasting, distance learning, Internet browsing, data IP, and data communications for the VSAT market

Alphastar International
operator of the service providing two-way broadband access by satellite for residential internet users in the USA

Amazônia Banda Larga e Informática
Internet access and Internet Networking solutions to enterprise, government, education and small business customers across the entire Amazon region

American Millenium Corporation
remote monitoring of fixed assets through a network of LEO and geostationary satellites

Amtech Inc
Internet/broadband access in North, South and Central America as well as the Caribbean

Anchor Marine (AMERC)
Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, R-BGAN, BGAN, VSAT, marine VSAT, marine stabilised satellite TV systems and oil rig communications

Antenas y Sistemas
uplinking and SNG services from Panama

Antena Hungária
provider of broadcast TV uplinking and Euteltracs services in Hungary


Applied Satellite Technology
satellite phone equipment and service providers for Thuraya, Iridium, Vodafone, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Aces, Emsat, Satellite TV Systems at sea

Applied Satellite Technology Asia (AST Asia)

Aprize Satellite
little LEO mobile satellite data services for fixed and mobile applications

Arab Broadcast Services, ABS
SNG and uplink services for broadcasters in the Middle East

ARCO Global Tracking Systems

Arctek Satellite Productions
mobile uplink and production services across the USA

Arcus Novus UAB

Arfeen International


aeronautical communications; tracking, monitoring and messaging for cargo and transportation assets using Orbcomm satellites

Arion Communication
Inmarsat and Iridium services for maritime and land mobile users; satellite communication terminals plus labour service worldwide

Ariave Satcom
provides Broadband IP access to remote locations via VSAT using DVB/SCPC and SCPC/SCPC technology

Armstrong Space Communications
provider of SNG, outside broadcast and distance learning services in Ireland, the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy

aeronautical voice and data service provider using the Globalstar system

global distribution services and media content management, providing solutions for Playout and Distribution, Occasional Video and Data, Digital Media Networks, Television Facilities, International Connectivity and Outside Broadcasts.; owns international teleports in London, Washington, Los Angeles and Paris, as well as extensive space segment and fibre connectivity to all of the world's major interconnects

Aryan Satellite Co
broadband internet access, data and voice communication services across Middle East

ASAS Media Productions
SNG services in Egypt

Asian - American Voice and Internet Services
high performance voice and IP backbone and trunking services in the Asia-Pacific region

Asian Television Press Network
Pakistan based Electronic News Agency and Production Studio in Pakistan providing uplink and downlink services

Asia Telecommunications
Thuraya satellite phone service and equipment provider in Iran

Asia Wire
SNG services in Afghanistan

Associated Communications
supplier of fixed and mobile VSAT systems; bandwidth for VSAT systems

Australian provider of mobile uplink and SNG services

provides leased lines using VSATs in Russia

Astra Platform Services
provides play-out, multiplexing, encryption and satellite uplinks to broadcasters from a broadcasting centre in Germany

satellite Internet connections across Europe

AstroVision Australia
live, continuous true colour image stream of Asia Pacific region

AstroVision International
will operate the five satellite AVStar constellation which will offer live Earth imaging begining in 2005

Astrum Comunicaciones

AT&T Alascom
Alaskan carrier operating some 200 earth stations throughout the state and providing long distance communications services to virtually every Alaskan comunity

Atlanta International Teleport

Atlantic Coast Satellite Telecommunications

Atlas España
Spanish SNG service provider

Atlas Telecom
provider of fixed, marine and mobile VSAT solutions in the Middle East

ATM Broadcast
Spanish SNG and OB service provider

atrexx - Global Capacity & Facility Exchange
Internet and IP via satellite, mobile satellite services, voice communication, corporate networks, wireless access and radio and TV via satellite

ATV Broadcast Solutions
DSNG service provider in the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania


Avanti Communications
broadband, data and voice services into Europe; operator of the Hylas satellite which will be launched in 2009

AVC Broadband
provision of two way Internet access services in the UK

Avonline plc
provider of two way Internet access services in the UK


BAF Satellite & Technology Corp
digital and analogue long-term, short-term and/or occasional Ku and C band satellite space, full or partial transponders or transponders for domestic or international video, voice or data transmission

Bahrain Telecommunications Company

Balkan Telecommunication
satellite broadband internet services; private star/mesh corporate networks; SCPC/TDMA and back-up links for Turkey and Middle East region; IPTV solutions for hospitality


Batavia Downlinks
transportable downlink provider in New York State, W Pennsylvania, E Ohio USA.

uplink services for broadcasters in Istanbul and SNG services in Turkey, the Balkans and the Middle East

Canada's largest telecommunications company; majority shareholder of Telesat Canada; subsidiaries include Bell Canada, Northern Telecom, BCE Mobile, Bell Canada International, Tele-Direct

Bee Global Systems
broadband satellite internet services in Africa

Beijing Spot Image (China)

VSAT services in Russia

VSAT, broadcast and Internet services

BellSouth Wireless Data

Bentley Walker
UK based supplier of broadband Internet access services

transmission of financial services in southern Africa

Bharti BT
Indian VSAT services provider

Bilge Uplink Services
media news and production company providing international SNG services from a base in Istanbul, Turkey

online marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital broadcasting and satellite communications equipment, wireless bandwidth and technical services

BITNET - Research Centre on Sensors and Systems Ltd
DirecWay and OpenSky services in Romania

Block Town Satellite Uplink Inc
US based provider of C and Ku band uplink and downlink services

Blue Sky Satellite Communications
African fixed and mobile service provider offering 2 way Internet access; Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya airtime and terminal reseller

Bluestar Internet
provider of 2-way satellite broadband solutions and VOIP services across Spain to home users and corporate clients

provides SOHO, SME and Internet Cafe oriented satellite broadband Internet access services in the Middle East and Eastern Europe


Boeing Cinema Connexion
digital transmission of films to cinemas

Brazsat Commercial Space Services
Brazilian satellite communications services provider

Brewster International Gateway

Bridge Broadband Services
two way Internet access in the UK

Broadband Wherever
UK based supplier of two way satellite broadband, satellite back up and mobile systems

Broadcast International
provider of full service satellite and IP satellite services, including network deployment, space segment, uplinks, SNG and production worldwide

Broadcast Israel
provider of SNG services from Israel, production services, equipment rental, studios and editing facilities

Broadcast Networks
independant satellite service provider, supplying SNG vehicles, broadcast flyaway systems, mobile streaming solutions, temporary and permanent VSAT, and space segment; systems are available for sale and adhoc hire

Broadcast Services Turkey
SNG services in Turkey and surrounding countries

service enables the delivery of broadcast streaming media content at a low level of latency, allowing live interactive events to be made available via the Internet

Italian supplier of broadband Internet access

Broad Sky Networks
satellite network aggregator, acting as a single source provider in the deployment of broadband satellite services via multiple providers to ensure the greatest coverage and pricing options in simplified service bundles

UK provider of broadband satellite and wireless communications to large companies

BTC Networks

BtN Access PCCW
VSAT services in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

interactive distance learning; digital signage; system integration, installation and operations; studio design, management and rental; special events promotion (ad hoc broadcasts); satellite bandwidth

Bulgarian Telecommunications Company
operates a teleport in Sofia, Bulgaria; provides VSAT services in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe

BusinessCom Internet via Satellite
carrier-independent satellite broadband solutions; 1-way DVB/IP connectivity; low-cost DVB-RCS and SCPC 2-way VSAT systems

Business Satellite Solutions
providing global, iDirect-enabled broadband satellite solutions for Internet access, VPN, VoIP, video conferencing and mobile applications for enterprise clients

Bwireless Pakistan
VSAT services in Pakistan


Cable and Wireless
wide range of satellite services for large corporate clients and governments including VSATs, international private circuits, Internet access and trunking

Calera Satellite Internet Service
provides of satellite broadband services in small cities and rural towns across the USA

Pakistan based reseller of satellite services including Starspeeder and Yamal Sat

suppliers of HD and SD uplinks and downlinks in the UK and internationally

Canadian Satellite Communications (Cancom)

The Canadian Satellite Livestock Auction

CapRock Communications
supply, installation, commissioning and maintainance of fixed and stabilised C and Ku band VSAT's for oil & gas, energy, mining, government & military and maritime industries

vehicle tracking service supplier

Carrier to Carrier Telecom
Netherlands based provider of anchor ground-station facilities for other telco's, Tier 1 Internet Access, International Voice Switching, International and Domestic Backhauls, SCPC/MCPC/Partial- and fully-meshed networks

Casablanca Online
supplier of satellite services to the Brazilian broadcast industry including: teleport, DSNGs, flyaway, fixed station, occasional uplink, post remote as well as production services including: editing, post-production, standards conversion, digital compression, streaming, studio, Eng crew, live stand-up position, OB vans

Castor Broadcasting
provider of services to broadcasters from its teleports in the Netherlands: audio/video transmission services, uplink services, turn-around services, satellite capacity, occasional use services, internet streaming, simulcasting services, mediahub services

Castor Networks
provider of highly reliable mission and business critical communication networks from teleport facilities in the Netherlands

CASTO Technology GmbH

full service video production and satellite services company

Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad
provider of Orbcomm services in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore

Cellular Communications Network (Celcom)
provider of Orbcomm services in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

Central Coast Uplink
SNG and uplinking services from a base in California

Central Satellite Services
two Ku band uplink trucks based in Cincinnati, Ohio

Central Trading Systems Inc
distribution of imagery from Russian satellites

Centrex Communications Corp
transponder leases; uplinking and downlinking services; turnaround services

provider of teleport and satellite services, offering the full spectrum of communication solutions, including VSAT networks, provision of satellite capacity, up- and downlink services and fibre connections, operation, service & maintenance of satellite networks, hardware provision, broadband Internet, VoIP via satellite and consulting

Chello Broadband
provider of broadband Internet services

ChinaCast Technology (BVI) Limited
provider of broadband Internet infrastructure in China

China Telecom/China SpaceCom Globalstar services
Globalstar service provider in China

China Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite Corporation (ChinaSat) and China Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite Corporation (ChinaSat)
broadcast and VSAT services in China

satellite delivery of broadband content to the edge of the Internet (was SkyCache)

Cihan Haber Ajansi
SNG services in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Europe

Clear Channel Satellite Services
specializes in satellite communication for radio networks, TV networks and disaster recovery for businesses and first responders; equipment sales and professional installation; colocation and data center services


CM Community Media

CNC Cairo News Company
provider of SNG and uplink services in Egypt

Coastal Satellite
Los Angeles based provider of SNG, mobile uplink and special events services

Cobbett Hill Earthstation
UK teleport offering a full range of SCPC, iDirect, Ipsat, and VoIP services as well as turnaround and broadcast services

broadband over satellite solutions in France and Spain

Communication International Teleport Inc
voice, data and Internet service provider with gateways in Miami, Florida and Pearl City, Hawaii

affordable GPS tracking and complete two-way satellite data communications system for aerospace, marine, land-based vehicles, and SCADA applications

Compucity Pakistan
downlink services and Internet access in Pakistan

Comsat Argentina

Comsat Brasil

Comsat Colombia

Comsat International

Comsat Max
Indian VSAT service supplier

Comsat Mexico

Comsat Peru

Comsat Teleport

Comsat Venezuela

Comsat World Systems

COMSOFT Satellite Services
German teleport operator providing VSAT services

Comtech Mobile Datacom Corp
provision of satellite-based packet data communication systems and services for the land transportation, remote sensing, utility and aviation markets

satellite, wireless and fixed telecommunication, Internet connectivity and access, voice and data connectivity and broadcasting global solutions

Constellation Networks Corporation
complete network service provider for transport of voice, data, Internet and video; specializing in global connectivity for SCPC as well as iDirect D-TDMA services; direct access to the public Internet from the satellite as well as redundant fibre to major PoP's for prime carrier access; 24/7 network monitoring, control and support of each circuit

business unit of Orbcomm , providing fixed-asset monitoring solutions that enable customers to increase supply chain management effectiveness in the chemical industry and improve well-head maintenance in the oil and gas industry

Conus Communications

CPC Television
DSNG and SNG services in Argentina

Crawford Communications

Crestar International
VSAT operator and Internet service provider based in Pakistan


CSC Communications Specialists


Internet connectivity and point-point VSAT services in Bangladesh

CyberRoute ITS
Netherlands based provider of IP connectivity services

Cygnus Telecom
reseller of Thuraya services

Cyprus based teleport operator offering a wide range of VSAT and Internet access and trunking services as well as services for broadcasters


D & Comm
Euteltracs service provider in the Czech Republic


DACOM Globalstar services
Globalstar service provider in South Korea

Dallas/Fort Worth Teleport

Dalya-Sat for Telecommunications

Damos SudAmerica

Danimex Communications
provider of Thuraya, Iridium and VSAT equipment and services, mainly in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Danish Space Expo
SNG, uplink and downlink services in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden

Danway Technologies Limited
Internet access provider in Nigeria

Dash Telecom (Pty) Ltd.
African full satellite and wireless systems integrator and operator

Datasat Communications
global communications solutions provider, supplying fully managed SCPC, DVB-RCS and TDM/TDMA networks plus secure, encrypted and quick deploy services

Data Telecom Service
Madagascan Internet access provider and VSAT operator

uplink and downlink services to cable companies in Jamaica



provides end-to-end secure satellite delivery service for thick content distribution and media casting for corporate networks throughout Europe

DENet Telecom
global communications backbone provider

now called QinetiQ

high speed internet using satellite

DFA Deutsche Fernsehnachrichten Agentur Produktions
German SNG service provider

Dicto Citius UAB
provider of fixed and mobile services in the Baltic states, Scandinavia and northern Europe

mobile uplink services in Ireland

provider of imagery from the QuickBird Earth imaging satellite

Digital Space
provider of SNG and uplink services in Ireland

Discovery Global Net
high speed data services using VSAT across CIS countries and Asia

Disitron Industries
DVB/SCPC service provider in West Africa

Diversified Communications Inc
Washington DC based provider of mobile uplink, SNG and teleport services

see Schlumberger DMS

DNS Group
end to end solutions provider in the communication, IT and IT-enabled services sector, headquartered in Bangladesh

Dragon and Elephant Ent Co

DTV Plus
operates a US wide data broadcasting network using satellite and digital television for delivery

Duo Sense
provider of internet access and telephony in Africa

DYAA for Computer & Technology
Libyan based provider of Internet access, supplying services in north Africa and the Middle East


Eagle Eye Technologies Inc
location service based on a miniature satellite terminal

Earthscan Network Inc
US provider of time-critical, low-cost earth imagery for the agriculture, real estate, surveillance, community planning and transportation markets.

will provide its high-resolution panchromatic and multispectral imagery to commercial businesses and government agencies developing mapping, geological surveys, natural resources, emergency management, infrastructure management, and insurance assessments

Easat Antennas
markets DirecPC services in UK

Eastern TV News
Pakistan based TV news agency providing ENG, SNG, post production, reporter, video FTP services and facilities

EasyLan Project
broadband integrator and supplier of multimedia satellite station

supplies VoIP-based solutions globally


EchoStar Satellite Services
worldwide delivery of full-time and occasional-use services including news, sports, entertainment, catastrophic and special events


Egyptian Space Communications
Egyptian satellite and teleport service provider covering Africa, the Middle East and West Asia

skyDSL Internet access service provider in Switzerland

Eik Global Communications

Eksen Yayincilik ve Pazarlama
DSNG and uplink services in Turkey

Elcome International
Dubai based reseller of equipment and services for the maritime and communications markets

skyDSL Internet access service provider in Italy

El Molino Systems
sale and hire of broadband Internet connections via satellite in Spain

Globalstar service provider in central Europe, eastern Europe and the Mediterranean

Embedded System Solutions Inc
provider of broadband satellite data services such as VoIP, FoIP, VPN, Video Surveillance and Conferencing, engineering studies; ESS also operates a VSAT hub in the Middle East

Brazilian PTO

Emerging Markets Communications
premier provider of global satellite communications, utilising a high quality, fully managed network, EMC offers maritime services, teleport services, and private, end-to-end satellite networks in more than 140 countries

broadband IP communication solutions and services based on digital satellite (VSAT) and fixed wireless access (FWA) networks

Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (ENTEL) Chile

Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones Columbia

worldwide turnkey satellite services with presence in four continents

integrated ENG and satellite uplink services, covering Europe, North Africa and Middle East

Envia Oy
supply of high resolution satellite imagery and airborne and satellite data produced by Envisat, ERS, Ikonos, IRS, JERS, Kosmos, Landsat, NOAA, QuickBird, Radarsat, Resurs and Spot

high speed Internet access in the Middle-East, North Africa, Central Asia and Europe from a hub in France

Equatorial Communications

Equatorial Marketing & Research Corp
voice, video, Internet and private data communications to Africa and Latin America - services include VoIP, call origination and call termination


Equity Broadcasting

PC-based geographic image processing systems for Earth observation data

Esatel Communications Inc
voice, data and Internet access via satellite

eSat Inc
US broadband service provider for businesses, educational, and government institutions via satellite

e-SAT Satellite Communications
Turkish provider of: Internet connectivity for ISPs; point to point and point to multipoint networks for commercial users

Eser Telekom
broadband Internet access to International backbones; international clear channel TDM/SDH links

commercial messaging and marine services; environmental monitoring

Espresso Productions
provider of services to schools in the UK using Astra-Net

UK based supplier of satellite broadband Internet access services across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa

Etisalat and Etisalat
United Arab Emirates PTO

Internet trunks for ISPs

satellite imagery

European satellite broadband internet service provider

European Broadcasting Union
an association of European broadcasters which operates an extensive satellite and terrestrial network for TV and radio contribution and distribution

European Datacomm Holding (EDC)
provider of Orbcomm services in sub Saharan Africa

Europe Online

Euro Tel Praha

provider of Opensky broadband Internet and multimedia via satellite services in Pakistan

European mobile data service

Excelerate Technology
transportable satellite broadband VPN technology supplier, as well as static satellite and Virtual Network Operator

Expedition Communications
worldwide VSAT installation provider that offers turn-key satellite solutions for military, government, non-profit organizations and commercial customers


Final Analysis Communication Services Inc
provider of store and foreward messaging services using the Faisat constellation of LEO communications satellites

Falls Earth Station

Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya satellite phone services in Western Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa.

French based global data broadcast service supplier

DSNG, uplink, news crews and TV-production services provider based in Estonia

Films du Soleil
French SNG service supplier offering: ENG/EFP crews, studios, 12 SNG OB vans from 1 to 6 cameras, telecine, VIDEODYN fiber net

First Entertainment

provides live web-based GPS vehicle tracking services to companies with small to large size fleets

SNG and teleport services to broadcasters in Russia

Flying Colors Europe
niche broadcasting and production services

FMC Telecommunications
Florida based provider of teleport and IP services

FM-Kartta Oy
mapping and geo-information services

skyDSL Internet access service provider in Poland

Foundation Telecommunications, Inc
distance learning, high speed Internet, peer to peer telephony and low speed data

France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications
now part of Vizada

Free Lens TV
SNG service provider based in Luxembourg

Future-B Telecommunications
broadband satellite Internet access in Africa, Middle East, Russia, CIS, Balkans and Europe


Gal Productions
Jerusalem based provide of satellite services for broadcasters

Gaza Media Center
SNG and uplink services from Palestine

General Communication Inc (GCI)

General Dynamics Worldwide Telecommunication Systems
voice, video and data networks; satellite command and control services, network operations and ground-station support

General Telecommunications Organisation (GTO)

voice, data, video, Internet access and broadcast services from a teleport in the south of France

delivers personalized rich-media information and programming to the PC desktop

a leading supplier of space imagery, aerial photography, mapping services, and derivative geographic information products and services

Geolink Satellite Services
VSAT based global fixed and mobile satellite telecommunication services
operates multiple 24/7 FTA ku band Radio and Television Networks, and assists other programmers and networks with Satellite Uplink Services

GeoSat - Génération Satellite
reseller of Internet access services in Europe

GEOSat Solutions
satellite-based television, voice communication, e-mail, facsimile, net radio, as well as asset tracking and monitoring throughout North, Central and northern South America, the Bahamas, the Caribbean Basin, and all surrounding oceanic regions

Gesellschaft fur Neue Medien Internet und Kommunikation

in Dutch

UK SNG facilities provider for news, sports, entertainment and corporate events; services also include fixed links for TV contribution and datacomms, microwave camera links and camera facilities

Gilat Europe

Gilat Satellite Networks
interactive VSAT, data broadcast using VSAT, data collection using VSAT, telephony using VSAT, TV distribution, TV broadcast uplinking, audio distribution, radio broadcast uplinking

Gilat-To-Home now called StarBand Communications Inc
Gilat's two-way Internet by satellite service

Gilat Satcom

Glenwood International

Global Area Network
mobile, land based satellite telecom system supporting up to 64 kb/s worldwide; operated by Telenor Satellite Services

ISP provider in Chile

Global Communications Services Romania
provider of Thuraya services in Romania

Global Communication Technologies
backup satellite services with seamless BT-VSAT switch; providers and installers of fixed, semi-static and mobile satellite broadband and VoIP solutions for gas and oil companies, open-air shows, marinas, mobile homes and private users

Global Convergence Technology

Global Data Broadcasting Corp
Internet via satellite services in Africa and the Middle East

Global Link
SNG and uplinking services in Switzerland

Global Link Productions
California based provider of mobile uplink and production services

Lebanon based satellite Internet, IP telepony and system solutions provider

Global Satellite
reseller of mobile satellite services and equipment

Globalsat Latin America
provider of Inmarsat, Globalstar and Iridium services in Latin America

Globalstar Americas
Globalstar service provider in Central America

Globalstar Atlantic
the Globalstar satellite service provider for the North Atlantic ocean, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Globalstar Brasil
Globalstar service provider in Brazil

Globalstar Canada
Globalstar service provider in Canada

Globalstar de Mexico
Globalstar service provider in Mexico

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services
Globalstar service provider in Western Europe and the North Atlantic

Globalstar Northern Europe
Globalstar service provider for Scandinavia and the Baltic States

Globalstar USA
the Globalstar satellite service provider for the USA and most of the Caribbean

Globalstar service provider in Russia

Global Telecom Services
VSAT and internet access in north Africa and the Middle East

Global Telephone and Telecommunication
Belgian Inmarsat service provider

Global Telesat
provision of satellite internet services; projects engineering; consulting; installation of satellite and private internet networks primarily in central and southern Africa

Global Telesat Communications
reseller of satellite phones, terminals and airtime

Global TeleSystems Group Inc (GTS)

satellite based asset management

Global Tracking Technologies
GPS tracking solutions provider

transmission services for broadcast, production and IP content delivery

Globecomm Systems

Globecomm Systems Europe

Globe Net
Japanese uplinking service for international news broadcasters, live remotes, sporting events, as well as corporate and disaster communications using a Ku band truck with English speaking crew

Globesat Communications
Cyprus based supplier of flyaway SNG terminals and crews

Globo Networks
provider of satellite services for Internet, voice and video applications and wholesale and retail VoIP solutions, servicing Latin America, Middle East and Africa

GMD IT Solutions
information technology solutions for the shipping and marine sectors

GME Telecoms
Iridium service reseller

Globalstar service reseller

GoMobile Broadband
mobile wireless Internet services

Go Wireless Pakistan
satellite internet services in Pakistan

Gradient CyberNet Solutions
VSAT, RF, and cable Internet connectivity

Ground Control
global internet access provider

Group W Network Services

Guards Ltd
Hungarian Inmarsat service provider

Gulfsat Communications
Kuwait based provider of VSAT, Internet and broadcast services in the Middle East, Europe and Africa

Gulfsat Madagascar

teleport operator (Texas World Teleport) in Austin, Texas, USA; C and Ku band transportable uplink terminals


Haba Global VSAT
VSAT services

Hawaii Pacific Teleport
access to asian and US satellites for video, Internet and switched services from a teleport in Hawaii

Headline NFP
audiovisual services and facilities for TV-news: ENG crews, SNG crews, editing and post production, a complete production/research service, feed point, chromakey live studio; expert in European affairs and logistics

Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE) and Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE)

Hermes Datacommunications International
VSAT services, international connections and Internet access for oil and gas companies worldwide

two way Internet access from a hub in the Netherlands

HexTel Communications
provide carrier grade voice and Internet services to Turkey, Pakistan, Middle East and Africa

HiNet Lebanon
broadband Internet access, star and mesh VSAT, Inmarsat and Thuraya services in the Middle East and Africa

Japanese service that allows Internet service providers, content providers, and enterprises to deliver streaming media to cable head-ends

Home Box Office Inc

Iridium service provider for Airsat 1

Hong Kong Telecom

Horizon Satellite Services
Internet services; data networks; ISDN solutions; GSM back haul services in Middle East, Asia and Africa

Houston Satlink
Texas based teleport and remote uplink service provider


Hughes Network Systems
global VSAT and broadband services supplier

Hunasat Media Services
SNG services in Sudan

Hungaro DigiTel
broadband and VSAT services in Eastern Europe

Hunter Communications
domestic and international satellite networks for VoIP operators

Hutchison Telekom


iBeam Broadcasting Corporation
provides an Internet broadcast network that delivers streaming media

ICC Public Communication Systems
Globalstar service reseller


ICG Satellite Services

IconHouse Satellite Communications
mobile satellite services

high-speed two-way Internet

IDM International sal offshore (IDMI)
broadband Internet access by satellite and VSAT services in the Middle East, Africa and central Asia

IDN Technologies
Internet services using the VSAT technology anywhere within Nigeria; VSAT installation within Nigeria; network design and implementation; server and network security services; multimedia services

IEC Telecom
mobile and fixed satellite service provider offering Iridium, Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat and VSAT services

Ihlas Haber Ajansi (IHA)
SNG services in Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Western Europe

satellite imagery

Image Unlimited
Italian SNG provider



Greek provider of D-SNG & ENG services

US based news service and uplink provider

Indosat and Indosat


Inepar DecisionLink
Iridium service reseller

Infosat Telecommunications
Iridium service reseller

Ingwell Communications
turn-key special event/ad-hoc broadcast services in U.S., Europe and Asia


InSight Telecommunications Corporation
provider of content delivery services for the broadcasting, cable and Internet industries , supplying project management and packaging of all types of transmission services, using satellite transponders, fiber-optic circuits and the Internet, to some of the largest content providers in the world

Integrated Communication Sdn Bhd




Intelsat General Corporation
communications solutions using fixed and mobile satellite systems and associated terrestrial communications services

provides a full range of telecommunications services, including direct Tier One access to the Internet, through its international teleport operations in Mountain View, California, utilizing the Satmex Solidaridad 2 satellite

International Datacasting
radio, audio and data broadcast equipment and services

Internet Satelital y Redes (INTERSAT)
provider of internet access to the Central America and Caribbean region

Spanish satellite broadband internet supplier

InterPacket Group
high-speed backbone connectivity, Internet applications and IP multicasting services to hundreds of ISPs, corporations and content distributors in more than 100 countries around the world

Interprovincial Satellite Services
also called InterSat

InterSat and Intersat
specializes in the provision of private satellite communications networks and systems for commerce, industry and the media internationally

Intersat Africa
broadband Internet connectivity across Africa

supply, install and maintain VSAT terminals; bandwidth re-seller

Intrasky Communications
broadband internet services in Africa and the Middle East

Intrex Data Communications Group

Czech service provider to broadcasters providing tape/server playout and uplink of TV signals either as a contributing feed or as a DTH bouquet

VSAT services

IP Access International
independent global business satellite Internet, voice, video and data connectivity provider providing fixed and mobile satellite solutions to businesses around the world

IP Planet Network

IP SpaceLink
Russian VSAT services

Iridium Canada

Iridium South Pacific

Isaika Networks
provision of sophisticated communication networks, in particular those employing satellite technology

iSatAsia (Wisehill Corporation)
provides business class one way and two way satellite internet connectivity services utilizing AsiaSat 2, AsiaSat 3S, and AsiaSat 4 satellites covering all Asia

IsoTropic Networks
global provider of satellite internet services


Italia Wi-Fi
internet access for consumers and businesses in Italy
SNG service provider based in Greece

satellite service and solution provider specialised in international connectivity


Jaba Networks Communications
provision of communications and Internet services by satellite in Latin America

Japan Telecom

Japan Telecom, Video and Contents Business Department
SNG and uplink services in Japan

JBDC-Joint Business Development Center, Inc
broadband internet access for micro- and small enterprises in remote locations globally

Ji Tong Network Communications Co Ltd
telecommunications services in China including VSAT, Internet and Intranets

Jupiter ICT Ltd
static and mobile broadband VSAT solutions

Just Right Satellite Communications
corporate Internet connections via satellite; dedicated circuits; Internet access; local access; wholesale long distance; space segment; DVB solutions


K-SAT Media
news and documentary production house with satellite transmission facility based in Tunisia

KB Impuls Hellas

KB Impuls Service
provider of two way broadband Internet access, corporate network and voice services including VoIP; supplier of GSM networks via satellite

Keystone Communications Corp and Keystone Communications

Kingston inmedia
now called Inmedia

Kokua Communications
provider of broadband Internet connectivity by satellite in Europe

Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co Ltd (KDD)

Koning en Hartman
in Dutch

Korea Mobile Telecom

Korea Orbcomm
provider of Orbcomm services in South Korea

Korea Telecom and Korea Telecom

KPN Royal Dutch Telecom

KPN Telecom Broadcast
audio, video and Internet transmission

satellite transmission broker

point to point links and voice circuits to Sakhalin in Eastern Russia

K-Tel Media
New England and Miami uplink services provider; Ku and C band uplink/production trucks; studio and equipment rental


Label Info
news crews and production services; playout facilities

Lamit Company
satellite Internet service provider; network design and implementation; satellite TV equipment

Land Info International
digital geospatial information of the world, including satellite imagery, 3D models, and topographic maps


LeSEA Productions
SNG and uplink services across the USA

two-way broadband Internet access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services in Germany expanding to Switzerland, the UK and then the rest of Europe

Level 3 Vyvx Services

SNG, DENG and OB-van services in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and elswhere in Europe

Liberate Technologies
provider of software for the delivery of enhanced television content and services to television set-top boxes and other network appliances, using open Internet and IP-based standards

Liberty Uplink
providers of Ku satellite uplink vehicles and television production services in New England, the Mid-Atlantic

Libya Telecom and Technology
VSAT services in Libya

LinCsat Communications
2-way, high-speed Internet service by satellite to government, commercial, residential and small office/home office customers in Canada

Link Communications Systems
global VSAT network provider

Link Productions
SNG and uplink services from Palestine

internet access service for cybercafés and businesses throughout West Africa

Links Broadcast
SNG services in England

Linx Productions
SNG and uplink services from Hungary and Croatia

Livewire Connections
providers of satellite hardware and airtime covering Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, DVB-RCS and VSAT services for use in land and marine environments; solutions include store & forward video, network integration, data transfer and least cost routing

Livewire Digital
provider of integrated data, voice and video services, delivering premium content and value-added services for broadcasters, shipping companies, oil and exploration enterprises, production facilities and government services

LockedStream Networks

Logical Wireless
VSAT services in Africa

Logicon Geodynamics Services Inc
reseller of SPOT, EOSATand Earthwatch satellite imagery

VSATs services for the petrochemical and corporate sector, international telecommunication, reselient solutions for mobile phone network operators and teleport services

Loral Skynet

Loral Skynet do Brasil

Lorantec Systems
provider of ubiquitous, economical, global In-Transit Visibility (ITV) of transportation assets, tracking and monitoring all types of equipment including highway trailers, containers and chassis

Lowery Satellite Services
operates a fleet of transportable uplinks for broadcast television in the USA


plans to land a pair of lunar rovers on the moon

broadband Internet access provider from Afghanistan to West Africa

high speed internet using satellite


European broadband mobile service at speeds of up to 384 kb/s

Mabuhay Philippines Satellite Corporation

Macedonian Post and Telecommunications
Macedonian PTO

Mach 6
Netherlands based supplier of Internet access services


Mainstream Data

DirecWay, voice and IP backbone services from a teleport in the Netherlands

Marco TV
ENG and SNG services in Central Europe

Maritime Telecommunications Network
provides C band voice, fax, data and Internet communications to the cruise industry, the US Navy, and to offshore oil and gas platforms around the world; also provides ship-to-shore live video and radio broadcast capabilities in C or Ku band; also provides Inmarsat services

Max-Gate Satellite Technologies
Internet access services in Nigeria

Maxim Telecom Pvt Limited
satellite service provider based in Pakistan

Maxwell Technology
VSAT and BGAN communication solutions across continental Africa

MCI Worldcom

MCS Europe

MDA Geospatial Services
provider of advanced geospatial information products derived from the high-resolution RADARSAT satellites, commercial optical satellites, and aerial systems

Mea Intuis
offers Earth Observation for the Global Environment

MEC Telematik

Media Broadband Asia
Indonesian satellite ISP

Media Broadcast
full service provider to the broadcasting and media industry in Europe

Media Digital Distribution
Kuala Lumpur based teleport and IPTV service provider

Australian SNG service provider

Media Satellite Communications
Israel based SNG service provider

Media Support Network
satellite transmission services, SNG, play out and uplinking for international news broadcasters, live shots, sports, entertainment as well as corporate events using C band from Central America

Meeral Communications
SCPC, VSAT and Internet access in Iraq and across the Middle East

Megastar Telecom Inc

MENA Broadband Services
high speed WAN connectivity and enabling Internet access throughout the Middle East, Europe and North Africa

Merlin Communications
now VT Merlin Communications

MESatCom - Middle East Satellite Communications
satellite ISP in Iraq

Metria Finland
distributor of satellite imagery from all commercially available satellites including: Eros, QuickBird, Ikonos, Spot, Landsat, IRS, Radarsat and Envisat

Metria Satellus
imagery from the Eros A1 satellite

Metrovision Broadcast Services
full service television production company offering all phases of production and transmission services throughout the US

Micronet Broadband
global provider of one and two-way broadband Internet access

Microspace Communications
US provider of broadcast video, data and audio satellite services for business applications

commercial operator of the Mir space station


M Lehmann
TV uplinks, OB-Van, SNG technics, electronic development, staff training

Mobal Communications
Iridium satellite phone airtime and handset sales and rentals

Mobil Satellite Technologies
provides auto-deploy VSAT communications equipment and service, including vehicle mounted auto-deploy systems, case based flyaway systems, SNG trucks and trailers, and both shared and dedicated bandwidth on an iDirect/Intelsat network

Moonlink Satellite
US provider of satellite uplink trucks (C and Ku band) analogue, digital (HD/SD) for news, sports, entertainment, SMT’s and disaster recovery for networks; downlink capabilities


Moscovski Teleport

independent Japanese SNG service provider; live transmission and tape play out for international sports, news, entertainment; two SNG trucks and two Flyaway antennas

MSSAK International
VSAT services to Middle East, Africa and Asia; Vehicle Tracking; MVSAT; Inmarsat; Thuraya

M. Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

M-Three Satcom
Italian provider of uplink and teleport services, fibre backbone connectivity, occasional use services via DSNG and system integration for satellite services

MTN Networks

Multicast ISP
delivery of streaming media using IP over satellite

myiQ Connect
point to point VSAT service supplier connecting Africa to Europe, Middle East (EMEA) and other parts of the world


provider of VSAT systems, networking and IT solutions, microwave links, telephony and VoIP solutions in Iraq

National Satellite Communications
paging for truckers, shippers, haulers, pilots, delivery services and carriers

National Satellite Telecommunication Services
Thuraya international service provider and national service provider for Kuwait; value added service provider for operators in Kuwait and government / security agencies

Navigation Maritime Bulgare

NavSim Poland
satellite telephony, satellite internet and satellite TV

Neon Broadcast Services
SNG services in UK

differential GPS positioning services

NES Communication Services
full service video production company

low cost, warehouse outlet source for Direcway broadband satellite Internet equipment and satellite Internet access for business customers

high-end, satellite-based Internet broadcast network for content providers in North America offered by PanAmSat

Netcom Africa
communication infrastructure provider of satellite and wireless broadband solutions in western Africa

broadband bidirectional access covering Europe, the Middle East and North Africa

provides telecommunications services for events (internet, phone, streaming, wifi, wimax)

Net Is Sat
Internet access

VSAT, TV uplinking and DSNG services in Pakistan

NetSat Express
provides satellite based Internet access services, digital media distribution services and integrated data, voice and video communications services

Italian broadband service provider

broadband VSAT services for film makers

Net West Communications Group
analogue and digital uplink trucks for live news, sports, entertainment, media tours and other events; based in Boise, Denver, Las Vegas and Seattle serving the entire Western USA

Network Innovations
provider of satellite communication solutions for voice and data for both fixed and mobile requirements

Neuron SA
international satellite communication, telecommunication service provider and systems integrator based in Greece

New England Satellite Systems
transportable satellite uplink services across north east USA

New Era Systems
monthly contracts for C-Band and Ku-Band bandwidth to clients in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America

UK Internet service provider; colocation services from south of England teleport

provider of Internet access services in Australasia, Asia, Far East, the Indian subcontinent, Africa and the Middle East

New Skies Networks
Australian subsidiary of New Skies Satellites providing satellite services in the Australian, Pacific and SE Asian markets

DSNG services in Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and France


New TR News Agency
SNG service provider in Turkey

New York Digital
uplink and downlink services for broadcasters in Brazil

NITs IPR - Scientific Research Centre for Studying Natural Resources
remote sensing services

NOA Production
DSNG provider based in Hawaii

NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications
provider, and service and repair center for all satellite communications networks which provide voice, data, and high speed internet in remote area locations worldwide

Canadian provider of high speed 2-way Internet access satellite services for commercial and business applications

Novanet Communications
Canadian provider of broadcast video, data, audio and IP data services for business applications

GIS and mapping; telecommunications, location and navigation data; satellite image distribution; image processing services

NSN Network Services
satellite distribution of digital stereo or mono audio transmissions

independent service provider for satellite communications providing systems integration and high level service support to clients across the maritime, energy, government, energy, finance and corporate sectors

NSTT - Network Satellite Technology Trading
Internet access and backbone services in the iddle East

NTL Australia


provider of two-way Internet access services in Europe


provider of remote GSM mobile radio solutions using VSAT backhaul communications, primarily targeting the maritime market; GSM roaming arrangements with over 210 GSM operators world-wide

Office des Postes at Télécommunications Benin


OmniGlobe Networks

communications services for aircraft

On-Band Corporation
worldwide Internet access which is billed by-the-byte and based on an iDirect platform

provider of teleport, broadcast and VSAT services from a hub in Germany

OnSat Network Communications and OnSat Network Communications
broadband service provider

US-wide satellite solutions innovator, broadband and content services provider

provider of Orbcomm services in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Orbcomm Andes Caribe (OAC)
provider of Orbcomm services in South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Orbcomm Europe
provider of Orbcomm services in Europe

Orbcomm Japan
provider of Orbcomm services in Japan

Orbcomm Magreb
provider of Orbcomm services in Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia

Orbcomm South America
provider of Orbcomm services in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay

Orbital Enterprises
supplies mobile satellite Internet and fixed satellite Internet systems and service plans; authorized Spacenet channel partner exclusively using Gilat, Motosat and Tracstar hardware for service in North America

Original Micro Sistema
provider of broadband internet services in Mozambique

Orion Network Systems


Greek mobile satellite service provider



Pacemaker 1

operates mobile Ku band digital uplink trucks in Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento; teleport in northern California

Palestine Capital Studios
satellite transmission service provider offering services through fixed earth stations, flyaway and driveaway SNG systems, OB vans and microwave links from the West Bank, Gaza and Israel

Thuraya service provider in the Ukraine

Paradigm Secure Communications
supplies robust military satellite services utilising it's own fleet of satellites

P & T Luxembourg

Paris WebCube
Internet access by satellite for events

PCI Geomatics
software for the remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, and data visualization markets

Pegasus Communications Corporation
two-way Internet access in US

Petrolink Services
custom-engineered satellite communication services (Inmarsat,VSAT, broadband, network deployment, ...) around the world; provider of fully automated portable systems for remote locations

PhoenixNet Ltd
Internet access services in Asia

provider of satellite based Internet access

Pivotal Satellite Technologies, Inc
transportable Ku and C band downlinks, audio-visual equipment and commercial satellite antenna installation services throughout New England and New York City


satellite uplinks trucks, space segment, fibre transmission services, mobile video production trucks, freelance crews, and associated production services worldwide

Pole Star Space Applications Ltd
asset tracking, monitoring and messaging services for the transportation sector and supply chain using Orbcomm satellites

delivers bundled satellite internet communications solutions for governments, businesses and organizations worldwide

Prime Satcom Consulting
UK based broadband Internet access provider

Primetech (UK)
provider of mobile satellite communications in the UK

Production & Satellite Services Inc (PSSI)
providing professional production and satellite transmission services to the broadcasting industry

Prolink Satellite Communications
mobile satellite communications for television and cable broadcasters

Protel News
satellite uplinks from DSNG Vehicles and Flyaways around the world, (Ku and C band)

PSINet and PSINet
high speed interactive Internet service provider

PSSI Global Services
US based full service production and satellite transmission company, specialising in the coordination, production, and transmission of domestic and international live event programming

PT Citra Sari Makmur
Indonesian VSAT service provider

PT Pasifik Satelit Nusantara
VSAT-based rural telephony; ACeS satellite phone and data services; Multi-Media Asia (m2@) satellite-based multimedia services

Purple Turtle Communications
S Africa based provider of SNG services using flyaways; Ku/C band space segment lease


Qatar Telecom (Q-TEL)

command and control of spacecraft; TT and C support; anomaly support

South African based turn-key solutions provider specialising in the supply of VSAT and wireless connectivity solutions for ISP's, Internet cafe's, corporate networks and telco providers

broadband satellite Internet access in Spain and worldwide

Quick Link Communications


Racal Survey
differential GPS positioning sevices

Racal Survey Norge
differential GPS positioning services

Radial Convergence Networks

Radio & Datacommunication (RDN)
mobile satellite communications solutions for nautical, navigation and aviation, petroleum, construction, forestry and tourism sectors

Ramattan News Agency
post production and broadcast services in Gaza, West Bank, Israel, Egypt, Sudan, Dubai and Kuwait

high speed one and two-way Internet services in Canada

Romanian provider of VSAT services, internet access, satellite telephony, satellite TT&C and satellite imagery

Reach Global Services

Real Networks

Real Networks Media Services
digital media delivery provider

Real Time Communications
VSAT services

Red Technologies

Remote Data Services
providers of VSAT technology and services including mobile technology and VPN over satellite; Installers of satellite broadband systems globally

Rogall TV
SNG services in Germany

value-added reseller of satellite capacity, manufacturer of satellite networking products and operator of VSAT and HD/SD DVB platforms


RRSat Global Communications Network
provider of uplink, downlink and turnaround services from SNG, flyaway and teleport satellite systems from its facilities in Israel and the USA


develops, deploys and manages satellite-based broadband Internet media networks for large-scale user communities across enterprise and corporate organizations, educational systems and governmental agencies

RTL Television
SNG services in Germany

RTL Televizija (Croatia)
SNG services in Croatia

Rural Broadband
provider of broadband satellite internet services in the UK

Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC)

Russian Space Forces GLONASS Information Centre

Ryco Uplinks
DSNGs in Scandinavia and northern part of Europe


Saints Group
Pakistan based supplier of VSAT services and bandwidth on Asiasat 2, 3 and 4

provision and management of voice, data and internet services in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America and the Far East

San Diego Teleproductions
independent mobile uplink supplier covering western US

global Inmarsat D+ satellite network operator, provider of terminals and applications for GPS vehicle tracking, vessel tracking, telematics, remote monitoring and control of all types of mobile and fixed assets via the Internet

SATCOM - Comunicações Satélite
teleport based in Maputo, Mozambique, providing data communications, Internet access and voice communication services through VSAT technology throughout Sub-Saharan Africa

aeronautical satellite communications (Swift64, Aero-H+, Aero-I, Aero-M, Aero-C); Inmarsat Service provider 8422; Iridium supported

Satcom International Group
provider of Orbcomm services in Middle East, N Africa and Central Asia

Satcom Systems
provider of DVB-S2 and Inmarsat in the Middle East, particularly Afghanistan, Pakistan and the GCC states

satellite Internet services for Europe, Africa, ME and Latin America using Hispasat and Eutelsat satellite systems; VoIP services for VSAT users

Satelite y Comunicaciones
teleport and uplink services in Panama

Satellink Technologies
an information services company that uses direct broadcast satellites to distribute weather and other critical real-time information at affordable prices to users throughout the world

Satellite Air Time
worldwide service provider for Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya satellite communications and hardware

Satellite Broadband UK
European supplier of two way satellite broadband systems

Satellite Communication Systems
Chicago based provider of satellite uplink trucks, video production services, videoconferencing, satellite time, satellite media tours and video news releases

Satellite Imaging Corp
global provider of high resolution image data, Geographic Information System (GIS) services, and mapping solutions

Satellite Observing Systems Ltd
specialist in monitoring ocean storms from space

Satellite Phone Japan
Globalstar, Iridium, and Inmarsat phone rentals and service supplier

Satellite Systems Distribution
suppliers of hardware and airtime for: Iridium, Thuraya, Thrane & Thrane (Inmarsat), Fleet 33/55/77, Globalstar, RBGAN and EMSAT

Satellite Technology Systems
C/Ku/HD uplink and HD production trucks in Chicago and Midwest USA

Satko Teknoloji
fleet management solutions

Internet via satellite services in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, West Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America

Satlink Communications
play out, time delay, downlink, uplink, turn around with and without compression, encryption services in Israel

Satlink Ltd
worldwide service provider of Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, VSAT (hardware and airtime)

Satlogic Networks
provider of satellite based Internet connectivity for business, government and military networks

Satreach Networks Inc
satellite network services to the retail and commercial industries, including content delivery, POS, credit/debit transactions and high speed internet access

Satup Databroadcasting AG
broadcasting of broadband multimedia

Satway Satellite Solutions Company
VoIP, secure VPN, TDMA, SCPC, Internet via satellite in the Middle East and Africa

Satyam Infoway (SIFY)
Indian satellite gateway earth station operator

SchoolTone Alliance
distance learning using NASA's ACTS satellite

Scott Yeaw Installations
VSAT sales and service in Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania, USA

SCS Telemedia Comlink
global distribution services via satellites for television, radio and data channels

SDN Global
wireless broadband satellite, VoIP, remote monitoring services and failover network access in areas including North America, Europe, Africa, Central America and Southeast Asia

Italian reseller of Thuraya airtime

SELEX Communications Ltd. - Marine Division

Sentech Communications Services

provider of VSATs, satellite connectivity, satellite internet, VoIP, back-up solutions, VPNs

SES Astra
major European satellite operator with its own fleet of satellites; provides a wide range of broadcast, Internet and government services from its hub in Luxembourg

SES Astra TechCom

SES Government Solutions
provider of satellite services to the US government

SES New Skies
operator of the NSS series of communications satellites; provides a wide range of broadcast, Internet and government services

SES Sirius
broadcast, VSAT and Internet services provider to Scandinavia and the Baltic states

Seven Seas Communications
a leading provider of satellite services to the natural resources, media, fishing and yachting industries throughout the world; Iridium reseller

Shownet Internet Solutions
advanced Internet solutions via satellite

managed end-to-end communication solutions to government, defence, enterprise, maritime, and oil & gas customers

Signal Mountain Networks
full service network data, voice, and video integration company providing fixed and mobile satellite, wireless, and terrestrial services worldwide

Silver Springs Teleport

Icelandic satellite service provider

Singapore Telecom and at Singapore Telecom
Iridium services to commercial shipping, forestry, aeronautical, energy, construction, mining and maritime customers throughout Asia

SNG and uplink services in the UK and Europe


SK Telecom
(was Korea Mobile Telecom)

now called Cidera

US based Direcway satellite Internet reseller, offering broadband satellite Internet service and satellite VPN service to business customers

AMSC service provider

SkyCrossing Network
two-way broadband satellite services for consumers and business in USA

SkyDelta Satellite Networks
satellite internet service provider in the Middle East and North Africa

SkyFrames Corporation
secure broadband services adressing VoIP, disaster recovery, business continuity, distance learning and rural connectivity applications

Skyhub Asia Holdings Limited
regional ISP, employing a combination of local leased lines and satellite to provide unlimited broadband Internet access to end-users

Skylink Broadband Pakistan
Internet access services in Pakistan

Romanian provider of high speed Internet access

part of Stratos Aeronautical, and an Aero H, H+, I and HSD 64K Inmarsat aeronautical service provider in conjuntion with Singapore Telecom

Skysat Sat-Services

provider of fixed-station satellite-based telephony services, broadband services to business customers in urban areas, and VSATs in remote areas with current operations in Venezuela, Mexico and Guatemala

Skysite Communications Corp
MSAT service provider in USA

Sky-Stream FZ
high speed Internet access, VoIP telephony and video conferencing via VSAT; intelligent vehicle tracking systems and services

IP connectivity, space segment and VoIP service provider in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

SkyWave Mobile Communications
designs and manufactures satellite and satellite/GPRS terminals and operates satellite network systems to enable low-cost asset tracking, monitoring and control solutions for fixed and mobile assets

Skyways Communications
full service video production and satellite uplink companybased in Norwood, USA

SNG Broadcast Services Ltd
specialists in satellite newsgathering based in London with bases in Amman, Beirut, Cyprus and Dubai

SNG Service
provider of SD/HD SNG and uplink services in the Ukraine

SNG service of S-TV
SNG, flyaway, VSAT and uplink services

SNG Telecom
mobile uplink services from Detroit, Denver, Salt Lake City and Seattle in USA

Société Nationale des Télécommunications du Senegal (SONATEL)


SoftNet Systems, Inc
provides high speed Internet access using two-way satellite links for ISPs and end users


Solo Satellite Communications
independent UK provider of satellite uplinks, downlinks, communications and space segment

Southwest Micronet Inc

Sovam Teleport

provides broadcast and communication services to Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. East Coast, Africa, Russia, China and South Asia

SpaceCom International

SpaceCom Systems
one-way satellite uplink services and rapid deployment two-way interactive satellite services for disaster recovery, bypass of local communications infrastructure, high speed connectivity for remote sites and temporary event webcasting

Space Communications Corporation
operates Japanese HitPops service that allows Internet service providers, content providers, and enterprises to deliver streaming media to cable head-ends

provider of space segment for broadcasters, government services and business for distribution of video and data

SpaceData International
very high-speed 'broadband-on-command' satellite transmission of gigabyte-size data files utilising a constellation of NASA TDRS geostationary satellites

Space Lynx - Tonka Video
Netherlands based SNG supplier

Spacenet Inc
managed VSAT and hybrid network services for business, government and residential customers in North America

Spacenet Rural Communications
rural Internet and telephony services primarily in Latin America

Spectra Television
London base D-SNG company providing both uplink and production facilities to the corporate and broadcast industry

global network and satellite communications service provider

Speed Satellite Downlink Provider
provider of satellite broadband downlink services in Pakistan

worldwide service provider of Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and Globalstar satellite phones, selling hardware and airtime - includes phones and accessories from many manufacturers, portable, vehicular, aeronautical and maritime products; worldwide technical support

Spot Image
distribution of earht resources remote satellite data and products

Spot Image Corporation

Spot Imaging Services (Australia)


SP Telefilm Productions
video production company providing mobile TV trucks and camera crew in Brazil

SRH Marine Electronics
supplier of marine electronics, service and satellite communications

Standard Communications
teleport services from an uplink facility in Florida

StarBand Communications Inc
Gilat's two-way Internet by satellite service (was Gilat-To-Home)

Star One
always-on, high-speed Internet access to selected consumer markets and small office/home office (SOHO) users in Brazil

Starsat International
Albanian satellite communications provider

Station Africa

Station Seven Eleven
Israel based provider of satellite communication solutions: Inmarsat Land Earth Station, VSAT, Iridium, turn around

alliance of main Canadian telco's; owner and partner of Telesat


Stolk AV
Netherlands based SNG supplier

skyDSL Internet access service provider in Germany

Stratos Global Corporation
leading international telecommunications services provider offering customers operating in remote locations a variety of satellite and microwave wireless technologies

StreamLink Communications
Internet services and data communications in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe

STM Group
US based teleport operator

ST Teleport
uplink and downlink services, international voice gateway, global VSAT, IP multicast, video broadcasting, broadcast studios and video production services from a base in Singapore

Studio KVP
international telecommunications, TV and audio uplinking, SNG

SNG services with up to 3 cameras; flyaway SNG; OB services from 2 to 12 cameras; AVID editing; ENG/EFP; studios in Odense and Copenhagen

Subic Bay Satellite Systems Inc

SureConnect Broadcast Services
occasional video and audio feeds worldwide; regularly scheduled feeds; full time transmission for contribution and distribution; broadcast quality digital routing; fiber and satellite connectivity; event coordination, production assistance and gear

Sure Link
DSNG supplier based in Northern California

Sure Shot Transmissions
C and Ku band mobile uplinking

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)
mission control services, ground station services, teleport services, operations and maintenance, co-location, network solutions, consultancy services, frequency coordination and procurement services; operates its own ground stations as well as partner ground stations worldwide through PrioraNet

Swepet Satellit AB
high speed Internet capacity to customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway

Swiss PTO, until recently called Swiss Telecom PTT

Switzerland based SNG supplier

Sydney Teleport Services
Australian provider of broadcast transmission services including teleport services, SNG & TES services, satellite space and fibre, studio facilities, VSAT services, DTH services, record, edit and playout facilities

Synergistic Technologies Inc

provider of telemetry, back-up and maritime sroadband services based on VSAT, covering Western Europe and Africa


two way Internet services by satellite

SCPC and VSAT provider in Europe, South and Central America, Africa, Asia and Russia

Tatanet Division, Nelco Ltd
Indian VSAT service provider

Taurus Communications Inc
C and Ku band transportable service provider; also brokers transponders for international and domestic use in both digital and analog formats, offering encryption and compression; specialists in Total Project Management from conception to completion

Taurus Telecommunications Inc
SNG and teleport services in Central America


Technologie Satelitarne
Internet access, VSAT and Thuraya services in Poland

Teleantenna Inc
full service satellite company with around the clock teleport services and mobile satellite uplink available anywhere in eastern Canada and northeast USA

Telecom Argentina

Telecom Colombia

Telecom Egypt
international satellite and VSAT services

Telecom International & Space Consultancy (TISC)
Inmarsat Fleet and BGAN services

Telecom Italia
Italian PTO, providing satellite services primarily through its subsidiary Nuova Telespazio.

Telecom Mexico (Telecomm)

Telecom New Zealand

Telecom Partners
satellite communication solutions in remote locations at sea aboard vessels or rigs, or in areas not covered at all or effectively by terrestrial networks including mobile satellite solutions, fixed satellite solutions, broadband at sea and GSM over satellite
two-way broadband access by satellite for residential internet users in the USA

Telefonica de Argentina

Telefonica de Espana

Telefonica de Peru

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales
services for European broadcasters including digital uplinking, DSNG and flyaway terminals, TV contribution and distribution

Teleglobe Canada and Teleglobe Canada
Canada's international PTO

Telekom Austria Wholesale
VSAT, audio distribution, video distribution, SNG

Telekom Indonesia and Telekom Indonesia

Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Telemar UK
Inmarsat and Iridium service and equipment supplier


South African SNG and uplink services supplier

SNG services in the Ukraine

Telenium Mobile Video


Teleport International Benelux BV
TIB is a Netherlands-based teleport offering a wide range of global satellite communications services including a unique Global Digital Video Network for Business TV, Distance Learning, Television and Radio Broadcasting, Datacasting and Video Streaming. TIB also offers Internet Backbone and Corporate Point-to-Point telecommunications services.

Telesat Canada
operates a fleet of satellites that provide broadcast distribution and telecommunications services, and is a highly respected consultant and partner in satellite ventures around the world

Teles EuroService
skyDSL satellite Internet access service

main Italian satellite services provider

Telespazio Hungary Satellite Telecommunications

Telekom PNG
Iridium services in Papua New Guinea

Telkom South Africa and Telkom SA
South African PTO


Telscape International Inc
supplies international voice, video, data and Internet services, via switched and dedicated networks, principally to and from Latin America

Telstra Australia

Telstra Global Satellite
mobile satellite communications services

Telstream Telecoms
provider of broadband satellite Internet, VoIP and data services to businesses and individuals throughout Africa

TerraNet Inc

TE.SA.M (Telecommunications par Satellites Mobiles)
Globalstar service provider in thirty countries across the world

TE.SA.M Argentina
Globalstar service provider in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

TE.SA.M de Venezuela
Globalstar service provider in French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Suriname and Venezuela

The Dish Doctor Ltd
commercial VSAT and broadband communications

The Fantastic Corporation

The London Satellite Exchange
on line marketplace for satellite capacity, earth station equipment and services

The Paris Television Centre
Paris based independant broadcast service provider offering crews, edits, feeds, live shot, SNG, studio all formats

The Satellite Center
operates satellite uplink trucks across the USA

The Spaceconnection Inc
programming related satellite transmission services throughout the United States and worldwide

The Texas Gateway
C and Ku band teleport in Dallas, Texas, USA

Thin Air Broadcasting
mobile satellite uplink and SNG services to the broadcast television industry in the west, south and southwest of England, Wales, the Midlands

ThruPut Solutions
2-way satellite Internet; temporary Internet connections

Tiger Red Limited
provider of SNG services specialising in flyaway operations for news

VSAT and Internet Via Satellite provider in the Middle East, Europe and Africa

European two-way satellite Internet service for consumers

TKO Satellite Broadcasting
global provider of satellite broadcasting and video conferencing services for business and government - locations in Silicon Valley, New York City, San Diego, Washington DC, Singapore and Cork, Ireland

TMI Communications
packet and circuit-switched data communications, voice, facsimile, e-mail, file transfer, Internet access, digital broadcast dispatch, mobile messaging and position-reporting services using the MSAT-1 satellite


Total Production Services
full service production supplier to broadcasters in the United States, provider of satellite uplink trucks throughout the USA

business unit of Orbcomm, providing the construction industry with affordable Web-based equipment tracking and monitoring solutions


Bulgarian based VSAT service provider offering services in Europe, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

(Trans-European Satellite Services)
satellite Internet services

first commercial lunar mission; transportation, launch preparation, US export licensing

Transvision International
California based provider of fixed, transportable and flyaway uplink services in North America, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii

Transvision International Teleport

Trinity Group

Tropical Broadcasting

Truen Networks
Internet access in Nigeria and West Africa

Internet services via satellite for ISPs, universities; data, voice, fax and Internet services for companies in Latin America

TS2 Technologie Satelitarne
telecommunications services provider using the following satellite constellations: Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat, Eutelsat and Intelsat

Turksat Satellite Communications Cable TV & Operations AS

Turk Telekom

Tuyuan Technologies
global satellite crop and environment forecasts and statistics service

TV1 Bulgaria
DSNG service provider in Bulgaria

Canadian production company specialising in sport and news, offering SNG and teleport services

TVNZ Satellite Services
operates an extensive MPEG-2 4:2:2 satellite network

TV Prensa
uplink, downlink and SNG services in Latin America

SNG satellite services from the Ukraine to all Europe, North Africa and North America

TV Unit
Germany based SNG services supplier


Universal Satellite Communications (UniSat)
fully integrated supplier of television logistics and transmission services providing mobile uplinks from California, Nevada and Arizona in USA

Universal Space Network

Universat Italia Services
mobile service provider offering Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, and Eutelsat services


uplink and teleport services for broadcasters in the Gulf South region of the USA

Uplynx Inc
broadcast and corporate TV uplink service provider with 2 Ku band satellite trucks covering the mid west United States

managed satellite Data and VoIP services for remote mining, energy and construction companies in Australia

US Coast Guard GPS Information Center

US Electrodynamics

Ushala Engineers & Suppliers Co
bandwidth, VSAT solutions, earth station equipment, DSNG solutions, GPS equipment


Vantage Tracking Solutions
provides a satellite based tracking service for trailers


global provider of broadband distribution, VPN, VoIP, GSM/cellular backhaul, PSTN/PTT backhaul, IP backbone, space segment, broadcast and disaster recovery

Veresat International
Internet connectivity for cyber cafes and SMEs in Africa

Viag Interkom

Via Storia Production TV
satellite news gathering in France and Western Europe

Vicswift Systems

Video Cairo Sat
SNG and uplink services from Egypt

satellite trucks, studio facilities, transmission, camera crews, webcasting, program development; located in Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore

international production and TV facilities; Austrian SNG, ENG, OB-van service provider operating in Austria, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL)

Village Video News
Ku and C band NTSC or PAL standard or HD uplink trucks in New York

SNG, fly away and uplink service provider; land and sea mobile and fixed VSAT solutions in Russia, CIS and Europe

Vision Uplink Australia
satellite transmission and production services: transportable uplinks and downlinks, flyaway uplinks and downlinks, studio/remote production

Vistar Datacom
provides satellite data communication services throughout North America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for asset management, monitoring, tracking and other applications

VISTA Satellite Communications
full service provider of satellite transmission and television production services in USA

VSAT and teleport services in the Americas, Carribean and Africa

Vitel Productions
Ireland based provider of satellite uplinks and outside broadcast

leading global satellite communications provider offering total communications solutions to customers including maritime fleets, emergency response teams, government and military units, news gathering organizations, natural resource exploration companies, enterprise businesses and airlines

Vodafone Airtouch
service provider for Globalstar in a total of 15 countries across North America, Europe, Australia, Mexico and South Africa

Vodafone Australia
Globalstar service proivider in Australia

Vortex Technologies
global provider of telecommunications services via fiber optics and satellite; provides and supports full end-to-end solutions, including access to worldwide Internet network points (WIN-Point); supports voice, data, and video services, having its own switch networks and the ability to handle more than 400M minutes of traffic daily; SCPC, MCPC, DVB, mesh, hybrid, and other services available globally

Vroom with a View
mobile satellite broadband provided in a bespoke luxury vehicle for the corporate, event, film and the photographic industry

provider of VSAT services in the Middle East

VSAT Systems Satellite Internet
satellite internet provider offering satellite Internet, intranet, VPN, frame relay backup and other satellite services in 48 US states plus international locations throughout the Caribbean

worldwide provider of business class VSAT satellite Internet connectivity

VT Communications
global facilities management providing services in over 100 countries; services include distribution of video, data, audio and IP Internet; satellite dish hosting and other collocation services offered at VT Communications' Fareham teleport in England



Washington International Teleport

Wavix Inc
operates a low cost store and forward system for the collection of oceanographic data from buoys by LEO satellite

WebTech Wireless
vehicle location services provider, delivering GPS tracking and two-way messaging services for wireless carriers, private and trucking fleets, and vehicle owners

Westar Satellite Services
Texas based provider of broadcast up/downlink, distance learning, digital cinema, IP delivery

West Communication
mobile Internet access

Whitinsville Earth Station

Wide Link Media

Wide Network Solutions
global provider of networking and broadcasting services

Wisehill Global Corporation

Wold International
provider of remote, rural and mobile connectivity in North and Central America

World Communication Center
Iridium service reseller

WTVP Satellite Services
US provider of mobile Ku satellite uplink truck, sporting events, SNG, live shots, satellite media tours, tape feeds, downlink events


now part of Stratos Global

Xcaphee Technologies Ltd
broadband services to cybercafes and businesses; VSAT installation and supply

XciteCable Internet Services
Internet access in Pakistan

Xecnet Communications
Internet via satellite provider in Pakistan

Thuraya international service provider and Inmarsat BGAN service provider based in Dubai

Thuraya International Service Provider (ISP) based in Atlanta, Georgia

Xtero Datacom
low-cost short burst messaging for inventory monitoring of LPG/propane tanks


Yamaguchi Network Nigeria Limited
VSAT access services in Africa

Y-SAT Security and Telecom
Pakistan based satellite service provider using Paksat-1 satellite


ZapMe! Corporation
provides an advertising-supported, free broadband Internet access network for US schools, using a satellite-based network provided by Spacenet

Z/I Imaging
development and support of Earth Imaging tools providing open Windows-based imaging solutions, including aerial cameras, stereo softcopy workstations, analytic stereo plotters, photogrammetric scanners, and image management, processing, and distribution software.